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40th Ward Drive Thru Mask Pick Up Event (and delivery info)

40th Ward Alderman Andre Vasquez’s office handed out free disposable masks on May 9th, 2020. The drive-thru-only event was at 5333 N. Western Avenue at the Streets and Sanitation lot.

For those who missed the event or cannot leave their home due to health reasons, you can request a mask delivery by calling 773-654-1867. Currently, delivery occurs on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Original posting at the official site for the 40th Ward

APPLAUD TONIGHT! 40th Ward says “THANK YOU” to those on the (COVID-19) Front Lines

A number of cities and neighborhoods around the world are daily taking a moment to thank the doctors, nurses, administrators, grocery store workers, trash collectors, delivery folks and others on the front lines. Open your window, door or, step right outside and applaud at 8pm for 1 minute! Starting tonight and every night following. Let’s shower our neighbors with noise and thanks!

With warm regards and gratitude –

Your neighbor, Mara

Win-Hood PSA - Smoking

We ask our smoking neighbors to be mindful when standing outside and not stand near open stairwells, entrances and windows. Drifting smoke can waft into an open window and affect residents, especially those that may be suffering from respiratory conditions. Also, please do not dispose of cigarette butts in the courtyard grounds or plant beds and pots. Let's keep our community beautiful!

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